"Recurring payments? Do it with us!"

You can do it with us!

Match subscription payments to your business, increase conversion and gain regular customers - thanks to the EspagoPay!

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Twoja oferta EspagoPay

Use the finished system


Subscription payment machine. Your customers save the card once and pay regularly every month.

Website with the offer

Generate a ready page with the offer of your subscriptions. Clients will buy your offer without additional redirects.

Multiple Profiles

A separate profile for each of your store/employee/ currency. We offer all the most popular currencies.

Adapted for your audience

Prepare an offer that will be seen only by those you choose. Restrict the domains your customers will register from.

Fully flexible plans

Customize the plans to your liking by adding custom fields or personalised message after the purchase. Turn on a cart mode to let your customers pay once for several purchases.

Single payments

Extra time in a week? Destroyed equipment? With us, you can solve this by additional single payments.

Off the shelf

Sell your services without looking into the code

Create a free profile and check in the test mode

How much does EspagoPay cost?

A commission on payment of a payment agent of 1.5% + subscription.

Do you have a turnover greater than $100,000 a month? Ask for an individual offer: sales@espagopay.com

One profile

49,99 zł

Test all the possibilities of the application in test mode!

  • Automatically generated page for the presentation of the offer
  • Customer panel available
  • Subscription configuration available
  • Non-standard charges
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Multiple profils

79,99 zł

Offer a full range of services by selling under brands!

  • Lots of sites with an offer
  • Separate customer data-bases
  • Use multiple subscription configurations
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies
  • Customize each profile for a separate brand
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to sign a contract with an acquirer?

The contract is verified within 7 business days.

How long will it take to receive money on my account?

The funds are withdrawn on the next business day from the date of the transaction to the bank account you indicated.

I have registered. Can I sell now?

Just a moment. After registration, follow the instructions on the website - first fill in the seller's details in the Configure Profile tab. The Sales Department should contact you in the meantime and guide you further. The final step is to sign the contract, after which your account will be activated. Until then, the account remains in test mode, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the application.

What is the contract period for?

The agreement is signed indefinitely.

Can i try in-app payment?

Yes, free registration allows you to test the application's capabilities and check the payment process using test cards.

What are subscriptions?

The purchase of a subscription offers the service in exchange for the client's recurring payments. EspagoPay allows you to automate the collection of fees - client selects the price plans to subscribe to the merchant's service offer. Then he adds the card to the secure wallet and our system will regularly charge the card for the amount specified in the subscription purchased.

What is the client panel?

The client panel is a space for your customers where they can check information about their subscriptions, payments or buy new subscriptions without adding a card again. Client panel is available after logging in through the merchant's website.

What are pricing plans?

Pricing plans are a visualization of the subscription offer for your customers. Clients can purchase plans in the form of a monthly subscription, which will make a monthly payment for the amount specified in the plan.

Comfortable, especially for you

100% online registration process

See how easy it is to register in our application!

  • 1. You 're setting up an account at EspagoPay

    That's how you make plans and test how the app works! You can test the application for free in the test mode!

    All functionalities are available to you without the need for a real card transaction!

  • 2. Registration form

    You'll get a link to the registration form on your email account.

    It is necessary for the preparation of the contract with the acquirer in accordance with the KNF and AML Guidelines.

  • 3. Signature of the contract

    Then you sign our contract with a commitment agent who will account for your transactions and protect against fraud and cybercrime.

    Once the contract is accepted by your agent, your clients can already pay for the services or goods!

Global reach

Account agents

We work together with global cash accounting leaders. The paying agents of Elavon, Worldline/ SIX provide access to the means by which you will enter into the following business day and pay in selected currencies: PLN, EURO, USD, GBP, CZK, SEK.

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Let the payments take place in the background

You gain a constant customer by mutual benefit of subscription!

  • Subscription client

    You relieve the customer, to remember to pay for another month, and you guarantee regular, monthly income and high predictability of future financial performance. A subscription client is the best customer!

  • Regular income

    Save your business by relying on the constant influence of new customers! The regularity of the fees allows for better planning of business scalability and not to lean over any transaction!

  • Non-permeability of business

    In the current economic situation, you will also allow the credit card to be paid. In addition, you will make it possible to purchase 24h / 7 and thus significantly increase the conversion!

We 're securing the transaction with VISA and MasterCard

Key factor

We offer you and your clients safe transactions with VISA and MasterCard. Espago fulfills all the security requirements of both card organisations. We are positively verified each year for the compliance of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1. Check our current certificate here.

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Confidence Built for Years

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