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Recurring Payments

Automate Recurring Payments in Your Business and Retain Customers Longer with our Recurring Payment Solution! Recurring payments, also known as subscription payments, are an incredibly useful tool for businesses that offer services or products on a regular, recurring basis. They allow you to automatically collect payments from customers at defined intervals, without the need to invest time and resources into managing individual payments.

Payment Methods

What are Recurring Payments?

Recurring payments are a method that enables the automatic collection of payments from customers at specified intervals, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. This is particularly popular for subscriptions, membership services, or regular product deliveries. The business and the customer enter into an agreement for a specific period, and then the recurring payment system ensures that the fees are regularly deducted from the customer's account.
Espago enables easy integration of recurring payments in various business models. Whether you are a subscription service provider, an e-learning platform, or a gym owner offering subscription-based delivery services, Espago provides the necessary tools to handle such payments.

Payment Methods

What are the Benefits of Recurring Payments?

Relieving customers from remembering to make payments

Subscription payments eliminate the need for regularly reminding customers to make their payments. As a result, the risk of payment delays is significantly reduced, which translates into financial stability for the business. 


With recurring payments, customers can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience, knowing that their payments will be taken care of automatically. They no longer have to worry about payment deadlines. This is particularly useful for subscriptions where customers receive regular services or product deliveries. 

Regular Income

Recurring payments are essential for many entrepreneurs who offer regular services or subscriptions. As a leader in payment solutions, Espago provides advanced tools and integration that enable the handling of recurring payments with ease and reliability. With recurring payments, businesses can enjoy a stable cash flow, while customers benefit from convenient and automated transactions.

Improving customer relationships

Utilizing recurring payments also enhances customer relationships. Customers feel more connected to the business as they don't have to worry about payment deadlines and can focus on enjoying the provided services or products.

Payment Methods

How to Implement Recurring Payments into Your Business?

To start using Espago, please write to us. Our experienced experts will get in touch with you to discuss your specific needs and propose a solution tailored to your business. Start automating recurring payments promptly and increase the efficiency of your business!

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