Pay-by-link solution for hotels and online stores

PayByLink payments

A payment solution whereby the customer pays for the booked goods or services cashless via a link.

Link do płatności EspagoLink
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Secure transactions via a link

EspagoLink is an application with which you will provide customers with a new and secure option to pay for goods and services.

Multiple payment methods

We allow payment via cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) and fast transfers (Przelewy24, BLIK)

Payment process

Check out how simple our payment method is!

  • Booking or purchasing

    The customer makes a booking or purchase through the Merchant's system or directly from the Merchant.

  • Sending a link to the customer's e-mail address

    Merchant generates a link by itself or automatically via the booking/buying system and sends it to the Customer's e-mail address provided during booking/buying.

  • Payment by card or fast transfer

    After receiving the message and opening the link, the customer makes payment by card or fast transfer.

Possible uses

  • hotels
  • health centres
  • car rentals
  • yacht charter
  • entrance ticket sales
  • mail-order sales
  • order sales

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