Accept Online Transfers and BLIK with Espago!

Payment Methods

Online Transfers and BLIK

Online transfers and BLIK are two popular payment methods used in online transactions, which users use on a daily basis. Espago enables its customers to accept payments using online transfers and BLIK. Let's analyze these two popular payment methods and see why it's worth using them.

Payment Methods

What are online transfers and BLIK?

Online transfers are a convenient and secure method for making payments over the internet. Espago offers instant bank transfer payments to over 140 banks, allowing customers to pay for products and services through their own bank. The process is fast and intuitive - customers simply select their bank, log into their online account, and confirm the payment. Online transfers are widely accepted by consumers and provide a high level of security through the use of encryption protocols.

BLIK is an innovative solution that enables payments using a smartphone. BLIK is another payment method offered by Espago, allowing businesses to accept real-time payments. Users can make payments by entering a unique BLIK code in a mobile application. It is a fast and secure payment method that is gaining popularity among customers.

Payment Methods

Advantages of online transfers and BLIK


Thanks to online transfers and BLIK, customers have the opportunity to pay in the way that is most convenient for them. Whether they prefer using online banking or want to utilize a mobile application, Espago provides flexibility and ease of payment processing.


Security is a crucial aspect of every online transaction. Espago prioritizes the protection of customer data and utilizes the latest technologies to ensure secure payments. Both online transfers and BLIK payments make use of encryption and authentication protocols, minimizing the risk of data theft and fraud. We possess the PCI DSS certificate and secure transactions in collaboration with VISA and Mastercard.

Payment Methods

How to start accepting payments via online transfers and BLIK?

Espago, as a trusted payment service provider, enables integration with these payment methods, allowing businesses to adapt their payment platform flexibly to their target audience's needs. If you have decided to start accepting payments through bank transfers and BLIK, please write to us, and our sales department will get in touch with you to present an offer and guide you through the process.

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