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Payment Methods

One-Click Payments

One-click payments reduce the payment time to a minimum, resulting in increased sales conversion. Customers no longer have to spend time entering payment information. Just one click is enough to complete the payment and enjoy their purchases.

Payment Methods

What are one-click payments?

One-click payments are a method that allows customers to make payments with just one click, without the need to repeatedly enter payment information. Initially, the customer enters their payment details, and then they can fully enjoy the convenience of one-click payments for subsequent purchases. This not only saves time but also eliminates the hassle of entering the same information repeatedly and reduces the risk of entering incorrect data.

Payment Methods

Advantages of one-click payments


We prioritize the security of data. Therefore, one-click payments are designed to protect customers' payment information. The data is stored in a secure and encrypted environment, minimizing the risk of theft or misuse. Espago operates according to the highest security standards to ensure complete customer trust. You can check our security standards here


One of the key features of one-click payments is transaction speed. Customers can make purchases quickly and easily, which translates into their loyalty and shopping experience.

Easy Integration

We offer comprehensive tools and support for one-click payments. With easy integration and an intuitive interface, businesses can fully harness the potential of this innovative payment method. Provide your customers with speed, convenience, and security through one-click payments offered by Espago.

Payment Methods

How to start accepting one-click payments?

Please write to us, and our sales department will get in touch with you to customize a product that suits your business needs!

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