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Payment Methods

Mobile Payments

In the era of smartphones and the growing popularity of online shopping, mobile payments have become an essential part of the purchasing process. Learn more about it and allow your customers to pay in mobile applications with Espago!

Payment Methods

What are mobile payments?

Mobile payments are a method that allows customers to make transactions directly from mobile applications. They enable customers to pay for their purchases quickly, securely, and conveniently by using stored payment information within the application.

Payment Methods

Advantages of mobile payments


Mobile payments offered by Espago are convenient and quick. Your customers no longer need to spend time entering payment information; just a few clicks are enough to complete the transaction. This significantly speeds up the purchasing process and contributes to a better shopping experience.


We can make mobile payments using a device that is always at hand, allowing us to pay for goods or services at any time, anywhere!


Security is a priority for Espago. All transactions conducted through mobile payments are protected by advanced security measures, and customer payment data is stored in a secure environment. You can be sure that every transaction is secure.

Payment Methods

How to start accepting mobile payments?

Are you interested in mobile payments? Please write to us, and our sales department will get in touch with you!

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