Pay-by-link solution for hotels and online stores


Pay-by-link solution for hotels and online stores

Innovative tool allows you to manage and accept card payments without integration, with only minimal setup.


does EspagoLink work?

A Customer makes a reservation/purchase in the Seller's system, providing their data and e-mail address. Then, the Seller easily generates a link, or the reservation system automatically generates a link, and sends it to the Customer via e-mail. Upon opening the link posted on a sub-domain of the Seller's website, the Customer makes the payment. To do so, they just enter their card data on secure webpage.

The data transferred are completely secure. Their highest degree of protection is ensured by the 3D Secure technology. The Customer's payment form matches the appearance and style of the Seller's website, which increases the Purchaser's sense of security.

The Seller is informed of the completed payment in real time, and the transaction shows in their panel as paid. The Customer receives a confirmation via e-mail that the transaction has been processed successfully.




Espago Link has a very broad range of applications. Our Partners use it in many lines of business, the most popular of which are:

  • hotels, apartments;

  • health centres;

  • car rentals;

  • yacht charter;

  • sales of goods via a business agent;

  • mail-order sales;

  • entrance ticket sales;

  • telesales;

  • order sales.