Payment methods

Credit and debit cards

We accept cards issued by both Polish and foreign banks. We honour debit, credit and pre-paid cards. We provide the Dynamic Currency Conversion service, which allows a holder of a foreign card to select the currency of the transaction. This allows a foreign Customer to know exactly how much a given product costs, and you to gain as much as 1% of the transaction value. You can accept payments from Customers from across the world, in 94 currencies, avoiding unfavourable exchange differences.

We also provide Espago Link - a payment solution for reservation systems and for non-conventional orders.

Multiple currencies, intuitive checkout

Bank transfers

We provide automatic e-transfers (pay by link) and e-transfers to 144 Polish banks. A Customer logs into their bank website and confirms the amount due. The transfer form is filled automatically. The Customer does not need to enter any data on their own.

Fast and intuitive implementation, sales growth

Recurring and one-click payments

We are the only ones on the market who provide a fully automated solution for recurring payments. A Customer's card is charged periodically in accordance with an agreement concluded beforehand, which eliminates the issue of unsuccessful debt collection.

We also offer the one-click payment method. A Customer does not need to be redirected to an external payment site and provide their card number, as the authorisation of the card (defined earlier) is performed in the background via a single click. This allows the payment process to be quick and convenient, and the Customer's data to be properly protected.

Less redirecting, prompt payments from the Customers

Digital wallets

Masterpass v. 6.0 significantly shortens the purchasing process. A one-time registration and specification of the PIN are enough to confirm a transaction. Then, during every subsequent payment, the Customer is only asked to provide their individually assigned PIN. The system allows the Customers to safely store in a single place their payment card data and delivery address, which significantly shortens the purchasing process. 

  • Masterpass
  • Visa Checkout

The Purchaser remains on the store website, less clicks required

Instalment systems and deferred payments

The tools proposed by us allow for full automation of the process of granting a credit. The credit agreement is verified online via Sygma or Alior Bank. Upon approval, you immediately receive the entire payment and the Customer settles accounts with the bank in instalments. The FerBuy deferred payment system enables a Customer to make the payment upon receipt of the goods.

Market expansion, increased competitive strength of the goods

Mobile payments

The iOS, Android and Windows Phone libraries provided by us will enable your Customers to pay within the framework of your application. The solutions implemented allow for native and web view payments.

Minimised risk of transaction abandonment, increased conversion rate